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The Zeelandnet frontpage is the starting point for many people in Zeeland. As a webportal of an former ISP, people come here to quickly scan their mail, read the local news or look for a good deal on the Prikbord. ZeelandNet.nl has been awarded Best & most popular telecomwebsite in the Netherlands. This award is organised by Metrixlab and Emerce and is based on content, design, usability and net promoter score.

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The homepage displays ZeelandNet's main apps and local news


ZeelandNet started out as a local Internet Service Provider. Reducing data-traffic to,- and from the main internet-hub in Amsterdam helped to reduce costs and guarantee good connections for it’s users. ZeelandNet.nl became a one-stop-shop; a web portal where users could find all the internet-applications they needed. Because it featured a local job-board, a local marketplace, news etc, users had no need to look outside the region, thus saving bandwidth. Nowadays, the portal is stil a powerful marketing tool and very popular in the region.

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Mobile homepage & article

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Create your own VOIP bundle (ZeelandNet for business)


Once ZeelandNet was acquired by DELTA, it’s business model changed from reducing data-traffic to sales. Because of the authority of the domain, Zeelandnet was the number one sales-channel for years.

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Online Magazine

ZeelandNet can now be considered owned-media (of DELTA Fiber Nederland); an online magazine where DELTA clients can make free use it’s popular applications like Prikbord and Vacturebank.