Marco Troost

Building cool things for the internet since 1997

UX Designer
Front-end developer

As a UX designer who can code his own projects, I excell at functional design. Passion for design combined with my dedication to performance and code simplicity leads to applications that people will love to use. Having a firm understanding of MVC programming enables me to bridge the gap between design and back-end technologies.

Originally trained as a visualizer, I started my career as a junior art-director until I found my true calling: web development. I love the constant brain-teasing and space for experimentation. I'm very curious and rigorous in my work, always trying to figure out the best solution to each problem.

Being a family man, I like to take hikes in nature with my daughters, take citytrips with my wife and enjoy the occasional Belgian trappist Ale. I also very much like to cook, with a preference for italian cuisine.