Browse like a king!

UI design

Inspired by the Caddillac love rides, as seen in old Blaxploitation movies. PimpZilla represents the luxurious, furcoated dashboards of seventies pimpmobiles. PimpZilla's goal was to make daily browsing more fun. Remember: back in the day computers were boring, beige machines with quite generic looking software. PimpZilla however boasted a fur background, golden buttons and a leopard skin tabbar.

PimpZilla was very bad in a very good way. It was probably the tackiest en most overdone UI design ever, but it was also very usable. Perhaps this explained PimpZilla's popularity. More than 2.500.000 copies were downloaded from the official Mozilla website, and at it's peak, the skin was used by 100.000+ active daily users.

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PimpZilla theme

PimpZilla, the theme with bling for true internet-connaiseurs

Leopard skin toolbar

If you wanna be the mack, you will have browse with a flamboyant, flashy theme that will reflect your strong personality. The texture of the tabbar couldn't therefore be any other than animal skin. The leopard skin tabbar will show people that you are one bad ... A force to be reckoned with!

PimpZilla theme

The options dialog of PimpZilla