Managing microservices

UX / UI design

Otis is a single page application for maintaining network operations and the business around which that network is built (OSS/BSS systemopen_in_new). Otis is basically a GUI for managing microservices created by a middleware team.

Otis’ features vary from managing workflows for engineers in the field to checking the administrative status of an e-mailadres.

N.B. The name for this application is a recursive acronym. It stands for “Otis Technical Information System”. The first word to this acronym is the name of a hippoopen_in_new at the San Diego Zoo. A video of this animal went viral in 2010, the year the first version was released.


Controlpanel for checking the adminstative status of an e-mail

Engaging stakeholders by live prototyping

More often than not, stakeholders do not exactly know what they want. If business ruling isn’t very clear, I envite stakeholders to visualize them with me by sharing my adobe XD screen.

As I begin to add elements to a page, a discussion will start about what to include or what to discard. After a few iterations, a full blown prototype with specific specifications will emerge. This can be used to create detailed user stories.

Otis prototype

Prototype for managing Triple Play tests (view wireframe)