Discover the meaning of your dreams

UX / UI Design

Droominfo is a free online guide to help you interpret the meaning of your dream. You can visit the dream dictionary, take a personality-test of visit the fascinating dreamforum.

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A little side project

Droominfo started as a side-project to play around with techniques for SEO and web-development. Having a project of one’s own motivates oneself to dive even deeper into the nitty-gritty of code and marketing. It surely helped me to gain a better insight in SEO, marketing and PHP. Droominfo is a full blown Laravel application, loads super fast and tops the Google charts for years on end.

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The Forum is a powerfull tool to keep users engaged with the site

Community is key

A website with no interaction is boring. Having just a dream-dictionary wouldn’t cut it. I thought that users could feel a need to get a dream 'out of their system’ by writing it down online. Admittedly, with a bit of luck, the dream-forum became a very popular community that facilitates just that.

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With it't young customer-base, it's no suprise that 90% are mobile visitors

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Different cards keep the homepage interesting

Change = good

In order to stay interesting, a homepage needs to change often, either through user input or programmatically. The cards on the homepage change daily and invites users to browse the site.